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2014 Natural Sanctuaries, Eliza Cross WESTERN ART & ARCHITECTURE,                          August- September 2014
         Argazzi Art’s Winter Show, Carola Lott THE MILLBROOK INDEPENDENT,                  January 24, 2014

2013 DESIGN BROOKLYN: Renovation, Restoration, Innovation, Industry, Anne                Hellman, ABRAMS, October 22, 2013
         Woodcut Prints Form Matteawan Gallery’s UV Portfolio, Alison Rooney                      PHILIPSTOWN.INFO, November 3, 2013
         A Sure Eye for Texture, Beauty and Tone, Leon Graham THE LAKEVILLE                   JOURNAL, June 6, 2013

2012 Some Girls of Beacon Show, Jennifer Warren HUDSON VALLEY PRESS                   ONLINE, March 7, 2012

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2009 Gallery signals summer with a celebration of art, Katy Niner
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         Saks Fifth Avenue Revamps Its New York Flagship Third Floor CONTRACT               MAGAZINE, August 31, 2009

2008 Art Roundup for May, THE COUNTRY AND ABROAD, May, 2008

         Flourish opens at Robischon Gallery, Rachel ColeDENVER CULTURE FEED,             May 10, 2008

         Making All the Parts Fit, Mary Voelz Chandler ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS,                May 29, 2008
         Robischon’s Flourish to Whither Away, Michael Paglia DENVER WESTWORD           BLOGS, June 20, 2008

2006 A Summer Sampler of Refined Abstraction, Maureen Mullarkey THE NEW                 YORK SUN, July 13, 2006

         Tried &True, Chris Macbride BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS, Decorating,               Spring 2006

2005 Old Dominion Showhouse, Jill Kirchner Simpson SOUTHERN ACCENTS,                  November-December 2005

2004 A Clean Palette, Alice Leccese Powers HOME & DESIGN, Spring 2004

2003 Painter Kathy Moss: Berries..., Elizabeth Covington THE TELLURIDE WATCH,          July 11-14, 2003

         Painter Kathy Moss' Obsession with Form & Light, Susan Viebrock                            TELLURIDE DAILY PLANET, July 11, 2003

2002 Painting Succeeds at Evergreen Status, Mary Voelz Chandler ROCKY                       MOUNTAIN NEWS, January, 2002

         Early Thaw, Michael Paglia DENVER WESTWORD JOURNAL, February 10,

         Ambitious Moves, Michael Paglia ARTNEWS, January, 2002
         Reverberations & Echoes, Robert L. Pincus THE SAN DIEGO UNION                        TRIBUNE, April 18, 2002

2001 Decorative Art is exalted in Painting and Sculpture, Regina Hackett THE                    SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER, December 7, 2001

2000 Kathy Moss at Stephen Haller Gallery, Jonathan Goodman ART IN AMERICA,          October 2000

1999 Field of Vision, Peter Plagens HOUSE & GARDEN, November 1999

         Decoding the Fictions..., Cate McQuaid THE BOSTON GLOBE, June 24, 1999

         Kathy Moss, J. Bowyer Bell REVIEW, April 1, 1999

1998 Kathy Moss, J. Bowyer Bell REVIEW, November 15, 1998